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With women competing with men in each and every field we find more number of women modernizing themselves. One such step towards modernization is to wear sporty kind of boots that suit both winters and summers. We find women wearing boots with jeans and with their formal wears as well because they not only enhance their beauty but also give them a stylish look. With fashion styles giving them comfort the women nowadays prefer boots over sandals, stilettos and other footwear.

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With a wide variety of footwear available it becomes really difficult to choose the one that matches your needs. The various boots available are the knee high boots, cowgirl boots, wedged heeled womens boots etc. These boot styles are so comfortable to wear and go well with any kind of clothing may it be jeans, formals or any traditional wear. There are boots that have designer shapes and with accessories like buckles are very well suited to the younger generation. Also the leather boots are really attractive and set a statement. Large sized women have to choose the suitable wide calf boots.

Other verities include the knee high boots which are most commonly worn with tight jeans and where the jean is tucked in the boot. These are womens boots and are worn only while going out for a party. The rain boots which are also very funky are worn along with skin fit jeans or jeggings.

With innumerable variety available in the choice of the boot for instance its color (normally all colors are available), its material, its manufacturer the buyer can fully satisfy himself/herself before buying. The boot could be made of leather, sheepskin, wool etc or could be manufactured by UGGS or Steve Madden. Also with growth of technology many websites offer these boots without any shipping charge. However there are others that charge a minimal fee to ship your boot. The choice of website however always remains a choice with the buyer.

Each boot has its own utility but each of them goes very well with any kind of dress. The ankle boots enhance your height but keep the comfort levels you require. Tall booties are the fashionable footwear and are meant for women who want to give a style statement. Thus we find today there is a boot for every woman in the market. Gone are the days when people used to say that boots are mainly meant for men. Nowadays there are winter boots in different colors and ones that match the type of clothing you wear.

As far as the issue of optimum height of heel is concerned it’s usually found that a 2 inch heel is the best suites. Thus if a combination of comfort along with proper heel height is taken then one will feel the best. The flat booties usually have a ½ inch heel which is very well suited with any kind of dress you wear. Therefore taller women go with those heels which are short and stylish to divert the attention towards their feet whereas shorter women prefer booties with long heels. For plus size women there are 2 options namely wide calves boots and wide width boots.

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